Central Baltic Contact Point Finland

The Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council is the managing authority for the Central Baltic Contact Point Finland during the programme period 2014–2020. The Contact Point informs about financing possibilities and promotes the implementation of the Central Baltic Programme.

Masto. Kuva Tuula Palaste

The Central Baltic Programme 2014–2020 funds cross-border cooperation projects in the Baltic Sea area. During the programme period 2014–2020 financing is available for the following themes:
  • Competitive economy of the Central Baltic Region
  • Sustainable use of common resources
  • Well-connected region
  • Skilled and socially inclusive region
Regions from four countries in the Baltic Sea area participate in the Central Baltic Programme 2014–2020. The participating regions are situated in Estonia, Finland (including Åland), Latvia and Sweden. National Contact Points are established in each member state, including Åland.