Other International Networks

Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council is a member of several international networks like the ARC, ERRIN, Metrex, the Climate-KIC Network, the Archipelago cooperation of the Nordic countries and the Nordic Road Association. By participating in the networks, the Uusimaa Regional Council obtains beneficial information that is used in regional development planning.
Helsinki-Vantaan lentoasema. Kuva Tuula Palaste

The Airport Regions Conference, ARC consists of ca 30 representatives of local and regional authorities in Europe. The goal of the ARC is to develop the airport regions and to mitigate the harmful environmental effects caused by air traffic.

The Brussels based European Regions Research and Innovation Network, ERRIN is a network of ca one hundred member regions and their Brussels offices. ERRIN focuses on RDI policies and facilitates knowledge exchange and project participation of its members. It is also an important EU-lobbying instrument.

The Network of European Metropolitan Regions and Areas, Metrex is a cooperation network between ca 50 big cities and metropolitan areas in Europe. The members of the network exchange information and best practices on regional development and planning.

The Archipelago cooperation of the Nordic countries is a cooperation structure between the archipelagic areas of Stockholm and Uppsala in Sweden and Åland, Southwest Finland and Helsinki-Uusimaa in Finland. The main task of the cooperation is to plan and execute cross-border projects and events.

The Nordic Road Association is a network for Nordic traffic and transport agencies and consultancy companies. Helsinki-Uusimaa takes part in the association’s strategic and town planning committees.