Helsinki-Uusimaa Land Use Plan 2050

Uusimaa-kaava 2050The Helsinki-Regional Council is preparing a new land use plan called the Helsinki-Uusimaa Land Use Plan 2050. Covering the entire region and all the important forms of land use, it has an overall character. It has a time span until the year of 2050.


For the first time, the regional land use plan has two different levels; a general long term structure plan along with more detailed regional land use plans for the sub-regions.

The structure plan deals with the greater lines of the regional structures, which are the network of centres, the structures of densely populated areas, traffic connections and the most important green structural entities. The plan also includes an order in which development directions are to be focused upon.

The regional land use plans deal with regional issues that every region wants to focus on. These plans will be made for the Helsinki Metropolitan Region, the Eastern and Western Uusimaa.

The Land Use Plan 2050 has the following four main targets:

  • Steering sustainable growth and regional balance
  • Facing climate change and the sustainable use of nature and natural resources
  • Increasing welfare and attractiveness
  • Sustainable competitiveness

The planning process is participatory, as the public opinions are collected and taken into consideration throughout the whole process. Opinions are especially asked for when the plan is put on public display in the draft and proposal phases.

The planning process started in 2016, and aims to have an accepted plan by the Regional Council at the end of 2019.

Timetable for Uusimaa Plan


Initiation and Goal Setting spring 2016 – spring 2017
• Plan for Communications and Participation (EIA) info, possibility to give response


Preparation of Draft spring 2017 – autumn 2018
• Opinions of and notes on the material asked for, possible to give during the entire phase

• Drafts of regional land use plans on display, notes and opinions can be given on the plan


Preparation of Plan Proposal spring – autumn 2019

• Opinions asked for before putting on display
• Plan Proposal on display, notes can be given on the plan


Approval autumn 2019
• Plan Approval by Regional Council


Follow-Up and Implementation 2020 –>
• Follow-Up and Furthening of the Implementation in different ways, also following up possible needs of plan changes