Phased Regional Land Use Plan 4 for Helsinki-Uusimaa Region

Leppävaaran kirjasto, kuva Tuula Palaste-Eerola

The Phased Regional Land Use Plan 4 for the Helsinki-Uusimaa Region is being prepared at the Uusimaa-Regional Council. The plan is made for the entire region and it aims at the year of 2040.

lainausmerkki vihrea
The Phased Regional Land Use Plan 4 for the Helsinki-Uusimaa Region aims mainly to create preconditions for a competitive region offering well-being for its inhabitants, that is not exceeding the limits of sustainable development. 

The Phased Plan 4 has five main themes:
  • Business and innovation
  • Logistics
  • Wind energy
  • Green infrastructure
  • Cultural heritage

Important regional logistics areas and the transversal connections needed by the logistics are shown. Potential regional areas for wind power have been looked into and are being presented, as well.

In order to keep the natural biodiversity, the plan states a network of green areas and the connections between them. The plan includes reservations for recreational areas, and for important cultural environments both on a regional and a national level.

Other current issues, like the airport for civil traffic at Malmi and the new surroundings along the main rail connections, are included.

The preparation process takes approximately four years. The plan proposal was approved by the Regional Council in 2017.