Helsinki Smart Region initiative promotes smart activities

Helsinki Smart Region

Smart means a well-functioning everyday for a city’s inhabitants. A smart region is a place where everything works. Join us in creating the smartest region possible.

A smart region covers more than just the city – it means a flourishing and bold region. Smart means sustainable mobility services, a healthy corporate environment, excellent and equal living conditions and talented people. We are looking for investors, collaborators and new ideas!

New website open

In website you will find active people and service-providers with bright ideas on what smart can mean in the Helsinki region. This website is for interested collaborators, investors and possible partners for the presented projects.

You can contact these people and discuss your own ideas for possible collaboration. They look forward to your call! Or do you want your smart project concerning the Helsinki region to be presented on the site? Send us a message!


Twitter: @HelsinkiSmart
Hashtags: #HelsinkiSmart #SmartRegion

What is Smart Helsinki?

Helsinki Smart Region is an ongoing process facilitated by Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council specialising in technology, wellbeing, cleantech and digitalisation. Different players from the whole Helsinki region - business, cities, public sector, research, education centres, start-ups and the citizen - create smart innovations and tests together. 

The aim is to double the effects of the regional innovative potential and to create international partnerships and establish different forms of EU cooperation. In order to do so, we have created a Research and Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialisation for the Region.