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BRIDGES story of Helsinki-Uusimaa Region – insights from the peer review and experiences from interregional cooperation

Helsinki-Uusimaa BRIDGES project connects place-based regional development to smart specialisation (RIS3). It also proves that the interregional cooperation brings added value and there are lessons to be learnt. Watch our new video about BRIDGES-work in Helsinki-Uusimaa Region.

Helsinki-Uusimaa region sees BRIDGES as a turning point within the whole EU. With this project we are now getting some best practices, which can show us how to make EU more sustainable and cohesive. We are now getting tools and instruments for using the regional capabilities in terms of science, innovation and research within EU.

The feasibility study we developed in BRIDGES, shows that we have high research, development and innovation capacity at the interregional or international level. The biggest challenges for us are  commercialisation and internationalisation of our research and innovation - showing them to the whole Europe and world. 

The Helsinki-Uusimaa region has in recent years applied the concept of smart specialisation in the development of the region. It is an innovation policy which suggests every country and region should recognise and choose its own strengths and emphasise the chosen areas in its future efforts and investments. It contains four spearhead themes: 

1) Urban cleantech – big cities in our region are the motor for the economic development, but also they pollute a lot. That is why we try to take on the responsibility in the field of climate change;

2) Health & wellness – the fastest growing area of economic activity in the region. It is crucial to take into account the fact, that our population is aging like in all western countries at the moment.;

3) Digitalising industry -  the key for productivity;

4) Citizen city – the most important measurement of humanity is how people fee and what they think about the environment they leave.

Watch our new video about BRIDGES-work in Helsinki-Uusimaa Region

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