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Helsinki-Uusimaa Region at the forefront of Smart Mobility


Harri Santamala
Picture a winter morning when, instead of scraping the ice off your car windows, you could have 10 more minutes of shut-eye on a driverless bus taking you from your home street to the metro. This is not sci-fi, but a glimpse at the present and near future of traffic in the Helsinki Smart Region.

– Automated metros, robot cars, intelligent traffic control systems – you name it. Intelligent transport is already present in many parts of the world”, says Harri Santamala, CEO of Sensible 4, a Helsinki Region-based company that develops vehicle automation systems.

Smart mobility – or in more common terms, intelligent transport – refers to a technological and structural transformation of traffic. It includes a whole variety of innovations developed to making moving within and between growing cities more efficient and ecologically sustainable. The transformation is driven by innovations in artificial intelligence, big data and sensor technology, as well as cooperation between universities, companies and municipalities.

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Photo: Harri Santamala is the CEO of Sensible 4 and one of the top Finnish experts in intelligent transport.

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