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Knowledge creates bridges within Europe – BRIDGES project partners in Helsinki


Bridges 11.9.2018. Kuvaaja Anni Levonen
The Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council brought the BRIDGES project partners from nine European areas together to promote the bio-economy. The partners had an introduction to each other's plans and shared good practices.

Bio-economy plays a strong role in the strategies for smart specialisation. Dr. Marina Ranga from the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission was one of the visitors.

The project BRIDGES which started in 2016 is focusing on the development of bio-economy by strengthening the cooperation between research institutions and companies.  The action plans of the areas will be complemented at the end of this year and the implementation will take part in the beginning of 2019. The project ends in 2021.

Apart from Finland the project comprises areas from Poland, Greece, Slovenia, Hungary and Spain. The regions of Helsinki-Uusimaa and Kainuu are the representatives of Finland. The projects have been financed by the EU Interreg Europe Programme.

Strategies for smart specialisation RIS3 in mind

Ms Marina Ranga gave her comments upon the action plans and focused upon the smart specialisation when working with regional innovations. Ranga is working for the Lagging regions project promoting the implementation of smart specialisation RIS3 in the EU regions with the lowest GDPs.

The BRIDGES project works for the practical implementation of the RIS3. Smart specialisation stands for areas recognizing and choosing their own strengths, which they then focus upon. Strengths are developed in cooperation with research, development institutions and organizations - and when it comes to BRIDGES, in cooperation at the European level.

The Helsinki-Uusimaa Region was the first in Finland to create its own strategy for smart specialisation. The brand Helsinki Smart Region focuses upon four strengths called Urban cleantech, Health & wellness, Digitalising industry and Citizen city.

The contact person for Helsinki-Uusimaa, Research Manager Ari Lainevuo from the Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council places smart specialisation in the centre of European regional development.

– A concentration of research and innovation like the one we have in Helsinki-Uusimaa can offer its expertise to other regions, as well. The BRIDGES concept can make Europe develop more efficiently, when we know the regional needs and are able to cooperate more broadly, Mr Lainevuo states.

BRIDGES = Bridging Competence Infrastructure Gaps and Speeding Up Growth and Jobs Delivery in Regions

> Learn more about the project on the Interreg Europe website

For more information, please contact:

Research Manager Mr Ari Lainevuo, phone +358 50 587 1657

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