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iEER project kicked off with high level commitment to support young entrepreneurs


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Over a hundred participants from all over Europe attended the iEER kick-off on June 28th 2016 in Brussels. The EU-funded project aims to boost the collaboration of European actors in order to support young entrepreneurship.

The President of the European Committee of the Regions, Mr Markku Markkula opened the conference and expressed his strong support to the iEER project.

The European Commissioner for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs, Ms Elżbieta Bieńkowska emphasized on Europe's need for more entrepreneurs and more supportive entrepreneurial ecosystems. Ms Bieńkowska underlined the importance of the iEER Project in the promotion and creation of additional support to entrepreneurs.

–The European parliament considers entrepreneurship, and particularly young entrepreneurship very important, so seen from the Parliament’s viewpoint; the iEER is a pearl among European projects, affirmed Mr Lambert Van Nistelrooij, Member of the European Parliament.

iEER-konferenssiThese encouraging words from the highest EU level provided an inspiring kick-off to the iEER Project, which is coordinated by the Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council as the lead partner. The Interreg-funded project aims to boost the collaboration of European and regional actors for a better support to young entrepreneurship. Another objective is to improve the quality of services and structural fund support designed for young entrepreneurs.

The European parliament considers entrepreneurship, and particularly young entrepreneurship very important, so from the Parliament’s viewpoint; the iEER is a pearl among European projects.

The best regional practices for supporting entrepreneurship were presented and exchanged during the day. The discussion on the potential of EU policies to support young entrepreneurship was lively. In order to ensure a grassroot level insight, the floor was also given to six start-up entrepreneurs, who shared their story with the audience.

The conference demonstrated a variety of good practices regarding entrepreneurial support, which the Regional Mayor of Helsinki-Uusimaa, Mr Ossi Savolainen also brought up in his opening words:

"A smart entrepreneurial region is not about building everything from scratch, but enabling an ecosystem and a platform where people, business, public and research sectors lean to a collaborative culture. We look upon the cities and the region as driving forces, and we should also be a testbed for innovations, thus creating a market access for business start-ups and SMEs."iEER-konferenssi2The kick-off conference was organized in cooperation with the European Union Committee of the Regions and the European Commission DG GROW.

In addition to the Regional Council, Laurea University of Applied Sciences is the other partner from the Helsinki-Uusimaa Region. Other partners represent regions of Westpomerania, West Region Romania, Brandenburg, Southern Denmark, Marche, Hauts-de-France, Valencia, Northern Ireland, and Kerry. The total budget of the project is 2,3 million euros and is partly financed by the EU Interreg Europe Programme.

Conference Programme

iEER kick-off programme FINAL (pdf) (510.8 KB)


Opening session:

1 SIWERIS (pdf) (315.8 KB)
2 CHANG (pdf) (1.9 MB)
3 SAVOLAINEN (pdf) (527.1 KB)
4 CLIMENT (pdf) (1 MB)
iEER Kick off _brainstorming intervention_Hirvikoski fin (pdf) (1013.5 KB)

Best practices presentations:

1 SCHEEG (pdf) (1.3 MB)
2 KILMARTIN (pdf) (1.4 MB)
3 CHARBONNIER (pdf) (994.7 KB)
4 WILLOUGHSBY (pdf) (1 MB)
5 MAISALA (pdf) (541.7 KB)
6 FUCIGNA (pdf) (628.8 KB)
7 ODWYER (pdf) (1017.1 KB)
8 NOWAK (pdf) (570.6 KB)
9 TOFTILD (pdf) (1006.2 KB)
10 CIBU BUZAC (pdf) (2.1 MB)

Brainstorming workshop:

1 MCMAHON (pdf) (729.1 KB)

2 SANTACREU (pdf) (1.3 MB)

3 RICHTER (pdf) (1.1 MB)

4 LARSEN SENSOHIVE (pdf) (404.8 KB)

5 STACK (pdf) (674.4 KB)


More information:

Project Coordinator Christine Chang
phone: +358 44 353 3014

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