iEER – Boosting Innovative Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Regions for Young Entrepreneurs


iEER is an Interreg Europe funded flagship project gathering together 10 regions around Europe. Initiated by a majority of European Entrepreneurial regions, iEER aims to define smart paths and solutions for partners to boost and orchestrate regional entrepreneurship ecosystems supporting young entrepreneurs.

The project pays special attention to the support European Structural funds and regional authorities can offer to the making of a conducive entrepreneurship ecosystem for young entrepreneurs.

Through exchange of best practices and peer learning in 2016–2018, iEER is to develop effective measures and regional policies to improve the regional entrepreneurship ecosystems through quadruple helix cooperation among the HEIs, the private, the public and end users in the partner regions.

The organised five learning camps and two conferences are open to all European regions. As a final product iEER will pool these joint experiences to develop an advisory/evaluation platform that could facilitate the replication of best practices to regional entrepreneurship ecosystems around Europe.

The project works closely with the EU Committee of the Regions and the European Commission DG Grow.