NSB Core – North Sea Baltic Connector of Regions

NSB CoRe logokuva

The Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme financed NSB CoRe project aims to improve the sustainable accessibility of the Eastern Baltic Sea Region to freight and passenger transport. The Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council is the lead partner of the project.


06.03.2018 Study on spatial structure and transport system in Baltics - report published


The report “Spatial structure and the transport system along Tallinn – Riga – Kaunas commuting growth corridor” presents proposals for a common vision of the main transport nodes and connections of the North Sea - Baltic corridor Baltics section with a focus on passenger transportation, but taking into account also the transportation of cargo. The proposals are developed on the basis of the planning documents related to the different levels of the Multilevel Transgovernance model: from the EU level to the national, regional and local levels, as well as in the Baltic Sea region.


23.02.2018 Invitation: Final regional workshop “Accessibility Needs Along and Beyond the Core Corridors”


On March 14 in Vaasa, Finland, VASAB Secretariat is organizing a regional workshop on accessibility needs along the North Sea-Baltic TEN-T corridor in the Northern Baltic Sea Region. The 6th and the final regional workshop of the project NSB CoRe is organized during the E12 Atlantica Transport final conference “A Borderless Future!”.