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Helsinki Airport Rail Corridor Study published


Airport Rail Corridor
NSB CoRe WP 4 case study on the Helsinki Airport Rail Corridor has been finalised. The study is a key spatial and economic investigation of the Helsinki capital region that aims to evaluate the spatial development potential and economic agglomeration benefits of a new direct railway link connecting Helsinki International Airport and Helsinki city centre. The study aims to provide a basic understanding of the potential this corridor axis may bring and the accessibility for the capital region. The study is linked to the integrated framework evaluation of connecting Helsinki and Finland by rail tunnel via Tallinn to mainland Europe.

The study aims to show that additional public rail infrastructural investment in the form of a new Airport Rail Corridor aligned with the Helsinki-Tallinn rail tunnel will improve connectivity within the city and its region and improve the city-region’s international competitiveness. In turn, this is likely to bring tangible benefits that are considered essential if Helsinki is to maximise its spatial development potential and achieve greater agglomeration benefits internationally. The new rail development axis will act as a platform strategy to combat urban sprawl and achieve EU aims to render urban mobility more sustainable.

You can dowload the study here.

More information: Christina Suomi, City of Helsinki

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