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Invitation: 3rd Regional Workshop on Improved Accessibility along North Sea-Baltic Corridor in Riga, Latvia

03.03.2017 10:26

NSB CoRe WS Helsinki
VASAB Secretariat as one of the project`s “North Sea-Baltic Connector of Regions” (NSB CoRe) project partner is pleased to invite You to join the Regional Workshop on Improved Accessibility along North Sea-Baltic Corridor in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Workshop is organized as part of elaborating a joint spatial vision on regional development, logistics and mobility of the North Sea-Baltic corridor (one of the outputs of NSB CoRe project).

Local, regional and national authorities on spatial and transport planning from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are invited to join the discussion, and contribute towards identification of strengths, opportunities, main obstacles and risks, which should be addressed during elaboration of the joint spatial vision.  The workshop will serve as a discussion space to address the key issues to be solved for the improvement of the transport connections and identification of further policy incentives.

This vision will be a unique spatial planning document for a transport corridor in the Baltic Sea Region, it will be delivered to the VASAB Ministerial Conference in 2019 and will serve as input to national and regional development planning documents.

Workshop will take place in the Tallink Hotel Riga, Elizabetes Street 24, Riga, Latvia on April 4th, 2017, 10:00–13:00.

Register here: https://goo.gl/forms/aXvKeLh2MNOljKeh1

If You have any further questions, please contact Liene Stikane, Spatial planner, liene.stikane@vasab.org


VASAB (Vision and Strategies around the Baltic Sea) is co-operation of Ministers responsible for spatial planning and development in 11 countries of the Baltic Sea Region. VASAB prepares policy options for the territorial development of the Baltic Sea Region and provides a forum for exchange of know-how on spatial planning and development. More: www.vasab.org

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