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Mazovian case study published


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NSB CoRe work package four case study on 'The impact of the E75 railway line’s modernization on the development of the Warsaw Metropolitan Area' prepared by the Mazovian Office for Regional Planning has been finalized.

In Poland, Rail Baltica includes two international railway lines: the E20 (Kunowice–Poznań– Warsaw)  and the E75  (Warsaw–Białystok–Ełk–Olecko–Suwałki–Trakiszki) that run through the Mazovia Region.

The case study involved an initial evaluation of the effects of the Rail Baltica undertaking on the Warsaw Metropolitan Area. The study was developed in three dimensions: spatio-functional, socio-economic and transport.

The analysis focuses on changes in settlement structure as well as the functioning of railway transport, with an assessment of the improvements by its users. Conclusions from the analysis of changes in the spatio-functional and socio-economical dimensions are described and concern the number of building licenses granted, changes in population size, changes in the number of registered natural person business entities and changes in the number of transactions on the real estate market.

Moreover, in the area of transport, the study presents an assessment of the quality of railway services on the E75 line through passengers’ opinions and the integration of the Baltic railway with alternative transport modes.

You can download the study here.

For further information, please contact:

Project Manager, Mr. Sakari Saarinen, tel. +358 40 637 5934

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