PASSAGE Low Carbon Economy in Maritime Regions


The project PASSAGE (Public AuthoritieS Supporting low-cArbon Growth in European maritime border regions) promotes low-carbon economies in European strait regions. The Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council and the Union of Harju County Municipalities in Estonia represent the Gulf of Finland in this project.

Sea straits are important hubs of traffic, and they have an especially large impact on carbon emissions. Therefore they are also an important development object in order to reach the goal of carbon neutrality.

The project focuses on three themes of low-carbon

  • Transport 
  • Environment and Attractiveness of Regions
  • Entrepreneurship and Social Innovations

In the first phase of the project, a cross-border action plan is made with the most important interest groups in order to reach the goals. During the project the strait regions learn the practices of each other, and the best of them are transferred into a regional level. The low-carbon theme is also being promoted by influencing the different focuses of various EU Programmes. 

This four-year project is being implemented during 2016–2020. The final two years will be used for a thorough sharing of results where collaboration between the Uusimaa and Harju regions is deepened in the field of carbon neutrality and project's policy recommendations taken forward.

Five strait regions and 11 partners take part in the project. Apart from Finland and Estonia, the partners come from Denmark, Great Britain, France, Italy, Greece and Albania. The lead partner is the Pas-de-Clais County Council from France.

The project receives funding from the EU Interreg Europe Programme with a total budget of 1.9 million euros.