Passage News

Greenhouse gas emissions of the Helsinki-Uusimaa Region were reduced significantly 16.02.2017

tieliikenne. Kuva Tuula Palaste
There has been a major reduction of the greenhouse gas emissions in the Helsinki-Uusimaa Region according to the newest calculations. In 2015, the emissions were reduced by 15 % compared to the year 2012. The Helsinki-Uusimaa Region is producing less greenhouse gas emissions per capita than in average in Finland. The share of the emissions is only 20 %, even though one third of the Finnish population is living in the region.


European expertise discussing low-carbonate alternatives in maritime transports 28.11.2016

Experts of European maritime transports met in Helsinki on November the 22nd. The focus of the meeting was on the solutions for a low-carbonate traffic. The event was hosted by the Uusimaa Regional Council, who is the Finnish partner of the PASSAGE project that has been granted EU-financing.