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Smart-up BSR innovation camp in Lithuania to discuss major societal challenges


Smart-up BSR workshop in Palanga Lithuania
The Smart-up BSR project met in Palanga, Lithuania in June to discuss major questions affecting the Baltic Sea Region. The participants gathered together to see how grand societal challenges, like climate change and healthy ageing, could be addressed via smart specialisation in the Baltic Sea Region.

The Smart-Up BSR mini-camp held in Palanga-Klaipeda on 13-15 June was organized jointly by Aalto University, MITA Science Agency and Klaipeda Science And Technology Park. The event brought together a group of about 30 dynamic professionals from Baltic Sea harbor areas, universities, regions, cities & municipalities to innovate solutions for grand societal challenges, sustainable port development and sustainable future in Baltic region.

Smart-up BSR workshop in Palanga
Three working groups in the mini-camp focused to explore the Klaipeda challenge, and the broader context of how to address grand societal challenges through smart specialization and interregional collaboration.

In the project, the Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council is in charge of activities related to the smart specialisation strategies (RIS3) of the partners. As a part of a reviewing process of the strategies, each region will analyse their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and strengths (i.e. SWOTs) in 2050 and beyond. A SWOT analysis based on various future scenarios will help the partners see possibilities in the challenges and possibilities of the future. The SWOT analysis and scenario work will continue during autumn of 2018 and form a basis for updating the smart specialisation strategies of the partners to meet the future challenges.

Insights on regional development in Klaipeda

Smart-up BSR visit

During the Palanga mini-camp, the participants had a chance to visit the Western Baltija Shipbuilding to get the insights on maritime industry development at Klaipeda region. The supply of labour, international competition, digitalisation and robotisation were discussed amongst other topics. The harbour is a major employer and an engine of the regional development in Klaipeda.

The project partners also had a chance to learn about handicrafts entrepreneurship in Klaipeda where a former harbour building had been reserved for handicraft start-ups. Candles and leather products as well as jewelry, clothing and photograps are being created and sold in the joint creative premises in Klaipeda. The companies are important in preserving and developing traditional methods of material use and also providing training in their professions. 

Smart-up BSR visit in Klaipeda

Project moves forward towards next steps

The project partners will meet again in Tallinn in mid-September. In Tallinn, the work will continue with addressing the major societal challenges in the Baltic Sea region as well as analysing the smart specialisation strategies to see, if they respond well to the future challenges and changes.

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