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Urban planning as a focus at the Tallinn Innovation Camp


On September 17–19, Smart-Up BSR Tallinn Innovation Camp, organized by the City of Tallinn together with Aalto University, brought together around 100 participants from Baltic Sea Region to innovate around the topics of sustainable smart city, urban planning and digitalisation.

The world is experiencing growing urbanization. Countries, regions and cities in Europe must attract and compete for global talent if they want to remain competitive on the global scale. Cities in Europe are also facing the segregation of minority groups and people with lower socio-economic backgrounds to outdated “dormitory” districts, where the overall living environment is grey and dull, and some people perceive them as threatening.


Finding solutions together

In Tallinn, representatives from cities, regional development organizations, academia and NGOs concerned with making cities both “smarter” and more livable worked around three major challenges:

- How to increase citizen participation and promote co-creation to improve the living environment and quality of life?

- How to smarten up the region?

- How to make the city digital with the help of artificial intelligence and co-creation?


The participants worked for two days in small groups with these challenges. At the end of the Camp, participants presented their ideas and results to the Tallinn City authorities who were very interested to see how their colleagues would suggest to tackle problems specific not only to Tallinn but also other European capitals and urban centres.


The next Smart-up BSR Innovation Camp will be held in Potsdam, Germany at the end of November.


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Photos from Tallinn Innovation Camp by Petri Hütt

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